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3 Items Your Preschooler's Backpack Should Always Contain

Sending your child to preschool is always exciting. It means that your child is going out into the world, meeting other people, learning valuable skills to help him or her be successful, and having fun. It can also be nerve wracking for you because this is usually the first time that you are sending your child off and that he or she is going to be away from you. Regardless of how well your child takes this predicament, you might find yourself preoccupied with feelings of anxiety. Here are some items that you can always put in your child's backpack that will enable him or her to have a great day no matter what, as well as quell your anxieties.

1. Contact Information

You should always include a sheet of paper in your child's backpack that has all of the contact information that the school could ever need. The school will have the contact information readily available, but if you also include a sheet with the information in your child's backpack, you can feel confident that the adults who are watching your child will be able to get in touch with you even if your child is on a field trip or away from the school for any other reason.

2. Extra Set of Clothes in a Plastic Bag

The second thing that your child's backpack should always contain is a second set of clothing that is easy for him or her to put on without any assistance. You want to make sure that you have a full outfit, including socks and underwear, in a plastic bag that is easily accessible. This will allow your child to play at the water table or in any other area without having to worry about sitting in wet, uncomfortable clothing all day. It will also make the experience of your child having an accident much easier to move past. If your child has an accident but can immediately put on new clothing, he or she will be able to move past it and still have a great day.

If you store the set of clothing in an extra plastic bag, you also provide a place for the school to put your child's wet clothes.

3. Folder

Finally, you want to make sure that your child's backpack always has a folder. Talk to your child about making sure that he or she always puts any papers that the teacher gives him or her in a folder. This folder can act as a centralized location for your child's artwork and permission slips and it reduces the number of places that you have to check when you are looking for valuable information.

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