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What Happens in an Average Day at a Daycare?

Daycares are what make it possible for many parents to work. Without them, only one parent would be able to work in most households, and single parents would struggle to make it by. They're necessary to many, but people don't often discuss what happens at daycares on any given day.

Here is some general information about an average day at daycare:

Diaper Changes

An essential job for daycare workers at facilities with infants and babies is diaper changes. They must track how often they change each child's diaper, so they don't get rashes and ensure they're not dehydrated, constipated, or sick. 

Bottle Feedings

Bottle feedings are another essential task that daycare workers do daily. The child's age and their parent's preferences will determine whether they're given breast milk, formula, or cow's milk and how often per day. Depending on their age, older children will get milk served in cups or drink other beverages. 

Food for Older Children

The staff members at the daycare will serve meals throughout the day to children old enough to eat food rather than just drinking formula or breast milk. They will spoon-feed young children their baby food, and older kids get regular food.  

Nap Time

Daycares that care for young kids, infants, and toddlers will have set times for naps. It ensures that young children don't become cranky and that infants get the sleep they need to be healthy. The length and number of naps will differ for some children based on their ages, and some kids won't take them at all. 


Education is an essential part of most daycare programs. All children who are old enough will do educational activities daily. It may include doing art projects, studying schoolwork, or reading—it's usually something fun, so it doesn't feel too difficult for the children.

Indoor Play Time

Most daycares have set times for indoor games and free time for playing with toys. What the children do will depend on their ages, but there's usually something fun for everyone. Most daycares have ample selections of toys, educational gadgets, computers, etc. 

Outdoor Play Time

On most days, the children can go outside to play; some daycares even have playground equipment or other fun outdoor areas for the kids. It's good for the children to go out and play every day to get fresh air and exercise while learning valuable social skills. Of course, the children will have to go without outdoor play time when the weather doesn't allow it.

If you have questions, contact a local daycare center today.