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3 Tips For Taking Care Of A Newborn

If you are being enlisted to help take care of a newborn for your job or just out of love for a family or friend, it helps to know what you are doing! Here are a few tips to help ensure that you are ready for this important task.

Take an Infant CPR and First Aid Class

Even if you have taken numerous first aid classes, you should still sign up for an infant first aid and CPR class. Performing CPR on an infant is different than performing it on an adult. Other first aid tasks, such as swiping a child's throat if they are choking, are also a little different. 

Before you start working with an infant, you should obtain your infant first aid and CPR certification.

Take Basic Caregiving Classes

Take some basic care giving classes as well. These care giving classes with provide you with important information that you need to know, such as how to change a baby's diaper, how to bathe a newborn, and how to burp a baby. They will also allow you a chance to practice these skills on mechanical, fake babies as well.

Even if you have taken care of an infant before, taking some basic infant care giving classes can be a great way to brush up on these skills. You can also obtain certificates of certification that you can use to show that you have the education necessary to take care of an infant.

Spend a Few Hours Shadowing the Parents

Third, if you are going to be caring for a particular infant in a one-on-one setting, spend a few hours with the infant and its parents, shadowing the parents as they interact with their child. Every child, even when they are an infant, has unique needs and things that they like.

Spending a few hours with the infant and their parents will allow you to see little things like how the infant likes to be held and how they like to be put to sleep. This time also allows a chance to talk to the infant's parents and learn more about their child in a more relaxed manner. You can learn more about the particular feeding and napping habits of the child and more about the parents as people.

When taking care of a new infant, before you take over on your own, see if you can spend a few hours with the child and parents together. This will help everyone be more comfortable with the arrangement.

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