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Are You Preparing Your Child For Kindergarten?

Will your little boy or your little girl be entering kindergarten in the late summer or early fall of 2019? If so, you are probably excited to watch those next chapters of his or her life. You also might be a little bit sad to see how rapidly the years are passing. In addition, you might be wondering if your child is even ready to go to kindergarten. If that is the case, from having scheduled play activities in your home to arranging for your child to be enrolled in a child care facility, here are some ideas that might help you.

Scheduled Play At Home - One of the hardest things for your child to face when he or she goes to real school, is getting up early and having breakfast in time to actually leave the house. If you see that as a challenge, consider starting now to get your little one up to start the day earlier than he or she is used to doing. You might want to do that gradually. For example, at first, wake your child up only about ten minutes earlier than is normal. Then add ten more minutes, and continue that until he or she is in the habit of getting up and starting the day earlier than he or she is used to doing.

Think of having play stations, too. For example, you could set up a little tray table where your pre-schooler could do things like work on age-appropriate jig saw puzzles. Another area, maybe at the kitchen table, might hold simple crafts that your child can do by himself or by herself. yet another area might be set up for looking at picture books. And, schedule a rest time, as that might be part of a regular kindergarten day, too.

Arrange For Child Care - Think of enrolling your little boy or your little girl in a child care facility. By doing so, he or she will get used to playing with other children. In addition, he or she will learn to trust other adults as his or her caregivers. One great thing about being in a child care center is that your child will learn classroom etiquette. That will certainly serve him or her well when real school is part of his or her life.

If you do decide to enroll your child in a child care facility, consider starting with only one or two days a week, and then adding more days. Another idea is to send your child for only half-days at the beginning. The time will probably come that your child will truly look forward to going to play with other children and to be learning things that will prepare him or her for kindergarten.