hiring the right care giver for kids

Open Up Your Home To A Child In Need

There are many children who are currently in foster care, due to being either temporarily or permanently separated from their birth parents. Becoming a foster parent is a large responsibility, but it is also very rewarding. Become an important figure in a young person's life, and provide a child in need with the nurturing and safety that they deserve. If you are unable to have children of your own and aren't quite ready to adopt, consider becoming a licensed foster parent.

Acquire an Application

Pick up an application to become a foster parent by visiting a local social service agency. There will be a series of requirements that must be fulfilled in order to become licensed as a caregiver. The requirements may include references, a background report, fingerprinting, a medical exam, and psychological testing. All applicants should be able to support themselves financially and should have plenty of time to dedicate to a child's care.

Fill out all of the paperwork included in your information packet, and complete each requirement requested of you. Some of the information that you will need to turn in may take some time to obtain. Once you get through the licensing process, however, you will be matched with a child in need. Keep this in mind as you work hard to reach your goal of becoming a caregiver.

Attend Foster Care Sessions

You will be required to attend foster care sessions that will inform you about what it will be like to be a caregiver and the various needs that children may have. A child in need of a foster parent can be as young as an infant and as old as a teenager. You should be willing to open up your home to any child in need and not base your preferences upon the race of a child, their age, or their physical traits.

Some children awaiting a caregiver may have psychological problems or may require extra assistance due to a medical issue or a learning disability. During the class sessions, you will learn what will be expected of you and any special circumstances that you may encounter while fostering a child. 

Be Ready for a Home Visit

A foster care case worker will need to perform a home study to determine if your residence is safety-proofed and to view the bedroom that will be offered to your foster child. During the visit, the worker will walk around your home to see what type of atmosphere it promotes. They may wish to take a walk around in your yard to determine if the child will have ample space to play. If the worker is satisfied with what they observe, you will receive your license shortly and will be matched with a child.